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The guest cabin was Suzanne’s idea, a near replica with logs chosen from the area, a wide porch, a maritime style dormer and a wood stove.  Cozy was the overall effect she wanted with a fully equipped kitchen, carefully chosen library, a rocking chair, antiques and a desk, at a window facing a spectacular view of the lake and Mount Baldy.


Dunroamin' Retreat guest cabin

Dunroamin’ Retreat guest cabin

Welcome to your log cabin in the woods, complete with garden and porch overlooking the lake.


Your cabin has electricity, wood stove, double futon, antique furniture and a fully equipped kitchen.


The loft has a queen sized bed with outside access, as well as a ladder to the main floor.


The Dunroamin’ library is well equipped with travel, northern and wellness books.

The cabin has a fully equipped kitchen with a bar size refrigerator and four burner gas stove and oven, utensils and cookware.

    • Queen size bed, fine linen, towels
    • Goose down feather duvet
    • Wood stove with oil heat backup
    • Cellphone service is available
    • Access to conservatory, fire pit, sauna and BBQ
    • Drinking water is provided
    • Fully equipped kitchen


There is no indoor toilet.  The traditional outhouse is the best decorated in the area.

Several years ago, a wide eyed woman arrived with camera in hand from Whitehorse, saying she’d heard the outhouse was worthy of a photo.  She loved the art, the breadbox toilet paper holder and the lace mosquito netting best of all. It was worth the trip out for a good look.