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Carrot Face

Road trip, “to the island”, May, 2017: $1.40 carrot, bought in Parksville that reminded me of Chimachoy, a village in Guatemala, whose sole industry was producing grotesque carrots. In front of each small house was a large mound of the organge stuff.  This one was surprisingly juicy and delicious. Photo […]

Dear Linda

Dear Linda,
Funny that I should think of you here, in this unusual space. I’m in a musher’s cabin, waiting for Ana-Maria who has just gone for a short trip with Kelly, a young female musher. What a luxury to be in the […]

Soltice Greetings

Check this out. This is what it looked like on the solstice yesterday. It’s the kind of phenomenon similar to rainbows, sundogs and northern lights. We see it often in winter, this blue line along the horizon but I don’t know if it has a name. It reminds me of […]

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